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The rate of business and transformational change in recent years is unprecedented and it's fair to say the pandemic accelerated the pace. We witnessed the rapid shift to remote working, wide scale Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies introduced, and more. All of these changes significantly altered what types of risk your business was, and is now, exposed to. We know because Telstra faced the same challenges.  

Now is the time to reappraise your infrastructure and renew your security posture to ensure your organisation is still meeting its security, governance, privacy and compliance requirements. 

How cyber-resilient are you?

Find out how resilient your business is right now with a Telstra Purple Security Essentials Assessment.

Cyber Security Essentials Assessment

Security your way

Cyber Detection and Response

Detection and notification of suspicious activity and cyber incidents across your environment.

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Incident Response

Quick response and expert advice to minimise business disruption resulting from a cyber security incident.

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Cyber Detection and Response – Endpoint 

A fully managed monitoring solution that helps detect, respond to, and remediate threats that emerge across your endpoint devices.

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Denial of Service Protection

Protect your business operations from targeted Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

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Managed Next Generation Firewall

A simple, cost-effective firewall solution that prevents traffic from unauthorised sources.

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Telstra Cyber Essentials

Assess your IT environment in line with ACSC’s Essential Eight recommendations and monitor and respond to cyber threats.

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Why Telstra?


Telstra works closely with the Australian Government,  leading security vendors, and the worldwide security community to provide the latest intelligence on the local and global threat landscape.


We let you take control, if you want, with 24/7 visibility and centralised security policy management across your on-premise, cloud and IoT infrastructure. Or let Telstra manage it for you with our managed detection and response services.


With Telstra you’re in safe hands. We’ve helped thousands of businesses manage risk and protect their data over decades, while protecting our own network for even longer.


Telstra's Australian SOCs are independently certified in accordance with Australian Government PSPF Zone 4 standards. They are also certified to operate at the 'ISM PROTECTED' level, a requirement in protecting Federal Government data.

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Telstra provides security consulting, architecture, integration and managed security services, all underpinned by local service delivery.