The My Telstra app is the easy and convenient way to manage your services and take advantage of offers while you’re out and about. You can recharge your Pre-Paid services, check your data usage, view and pay your bills and so much more.


  • Personal and small business customers can use the app to manage accounts and services, plus access a range of rewards.

    If you’ve received an ‘account restriction error’ message, there are two possible reasons:

    • You’re not the legal account holder or you don’t have full authority on the account, which means you can’t use the My Telstra app using that account.
    • You're a Telstra Business or Enterprise and Government customer.
  • Our new app makes it easy to manage your services or message us for support. If you’ve been using the Telstra 24x7 app, Android and Apple users can download and install the My Telstra app. Unfortunately, Windows and Blackberry phones are not compatible with the My Telstra app and can no longer use the Telstra 24x7 app.  

  • To download and install the My Telstra app:

    1. Open the Australian App Store (for Apple users) or the Australian Google Play Store (for Android users)
    2. Search for My Telstra and select to install
    3. When the End User Terms appear, select Accept to start download
    4. Once it’s finished installing, select Open, or find the My Telstra icon on your screen to launch the app.

    Important: If you are not connected via Wi-Fi and wish to download the app, check your phone or app store settings to ensure you have enabled mobile data for downloads. Otherwise the download may remain in a pending state until you connect to Wi-Fi and request it again.


    Compatibility and system requirements

    Note: You can only download the My Telstra app in the Australian App Store or Play Store.

    The My Telstra app will work on any Android or Apple device if it meets the following operating system requirements:

    • Android 5.1 or later
    • Apple iOS 13 or later

    Device storage requirements:

    • iOS devices require between 100-110MB
    • Android devices require 46.7MB


  • You don’t need a Telstra ID to use the My Telstra app but for security reasons, it can limit what you can do on the app.

    To find out if you’ve already signed in using your Telstra ID on the app, tap the Menu tab (for Apple users) or the Profile tab (for Android users). Your name will appear at the top of the screen. 

    If you don’t have a Telstra ID, you can register for one.

    Tip: You can store up to 3 accounts at once on the My Telstra app


  • There are a few things you can do:

    1. Make sure that you have a working internet connection.
    2. If you haven’t yet signed in using your Telstra ID, make sure you’re connected to the Telstra mobile network - not a Wi-Fi network.
    3. Make sure your username and password are correct. 
    4. There may be technical issues. If so, wait a few minutes then try again.


    Important: The My Telstra app will automatically lock you out of your account if you enter the wrong password three times in a row. 

    1. Tap the profile icon on the top right corner
    2. Select Manage Telstra IDs then 
    3. Select Remove a Telstra ID or Add a Telstra ID.
  • You’ll be able to recover your username or reset your password.

  • The My Telstra app lets you view details for your post-paid mobile, Pre-Paid and home internet services associated with your Telstra ID. You’ll also be able to view your usage details and bill summaries. Learn more about how to view, download or print off your current and previous bills.

  • If there’s a service that you want to add on to the app, you'll need to:

    1. Sign in with your Telstra ID 
    2. Select the Services screen
    3. Select the extras you want to add to your service. You'll then be able to add subscriptions or activate and manage add-ons such as international roaming and data packs.

    If you require further support, please send us a message us in the My Telstra app. Head to the ‘Get help’ tab. Select the messaging icon on the bottom right corner of the screen. 


  • To view your contract details or Early Termination Charges:

    1. Go to Services and select the service you'd like to view
    2. Scroll down to Your plan andselect Manage to see your plan details including your contract end date.

    You can also learn more about Early Termination Charges online.

  • You can easily identify your services by giving them nicknames, for example 'John's mobile'. To do this:

    1. Select Choose the service you want to rename and tap onselect Nickname
    2. Enter the nickname you want and save.

    You can change your nickname at any time.

    If your services had nicknames in the Telstra 24x7 app, these automatically carry over to My Telstra.


  • If you are unable to view services, bills, contract and usage details, try these quick tips to fix the issue:

    1. Try opening a browser and visiting a website to check your internet connection.
    2. There may be technical issues so, wait a few minutes then try again
    3. Uninstall and reinstall the app. 
    4. Sign in using your Telstra ID. Check by going and select Profile . If you're signed in are, your name will appear at the top of the screen.

    Important: If you’ve added a new service, it can take up to 48 hours for it to appear in the app. If you can’t see your bill and you’ve tried the actions above, your bill may not have been issued yet. 

  • Get help with your Telstra account and services by messaging us through the My Telstra app. Send us your message, and you’ll get a notification when we’ve replied, so you can get on with the rest of your day.

  • To use messaging on your phone or web, you can download or open the My Telstra app or sign in through web. Once you’ve done that, go to the ‘Get Help’ tab and tap the blue ‘Message’ icon. Let us know what your questions are, and Telstra Assistant will get some answers to you right away. If you need more help, Telstra Assistant will connect you with a human expert.

  • If you’re messaging with us on your phone, we’ll send a push notification from the My Telstra app to tell you we’ve replied. Find out more about enabling push notifications

  • The benefit of signing in to the My Telstra app is that your conversations are stored in the app for longer. If you need help signing in, find out more about managing your account.

  • The My Telstra app notification settings are set by your device operating system, not within the app.

    Apple users

    1. Go to Settings and select Notifications
    2. To choose when you want most notification previews to appear, tap Show Previews, then select an option – Always, When Unlocked, or Never (you can override this setting for individual apps)
    3. Tap Back, tap an app below Notification Style, then turn Allow Notifications on or off.
      If you turn on Allow Notifications, choose how and where you want the notifications to appear for the app – for example, on the Lock screen or in Notification Centre. You can also set a notification banner style, sound, and badges for many apps.
    4. Tap Notification Grouping, then choose how you want the notifications grouped:
      • By App: All the notifications from the app are grouped together
      • Automatic: The notifications from the app are grouped according to organizing criteria within the app, such as by topic or thread
      • Off: Turn off grouping


    Android users

    In your Settings app on your phone

    1. Open your phone's Settings app
    2. Select Apps & notifications
    3. Select Notifications
    4. Under Recently sent, see apps that recently sent you notifications.
      • You can turn off all notifications for a listed app
      • To pick specific categories of notifications, tap the app's name
      • To see more apps, tap See all from last 7 days
      • To sort by Most recent or Most frequent, tap them 

    Tip: If you don't see Recently sent, you're using an older Android version. Instead, select App notifications and select an app you want to manage. You can turn notifications, notification dots, and notification categories on or off. If an app has categories, you can tap a category for more options.

    On a notification

    1. On your phone, swipe down from the top of your screen to see your notifications.
    2. Tap and hold the notification, and then tap Settings.
    3. Then, choose your settings:
      • To turn off some or all notifications, tap Turn off notifications
      • To choose which notifications interrupt you, tap Alerting or Silent
  • Widgets are an extension of an app. They can be added to your phone’s home screen as a quick way to access certain information from the app at a glance, without having to open the app itself. You can now add the My Telstra app widget to your home screen.

    Apple users

    Set up your widget

    1. On the home screen, swipe left to open the iOS widget screen
    2. Select the edit button
    3. Select Customise
    4. Select the + button then select Done
    5. Tap inside the blank widget to customise and select your service.

    Manage your widget

    1. Swipe left to open up the widget menu
    2. Find the My Telstra app and select Change Service
    3. Select the service to display.


    Android users

    Set up your widget

    1. Tap and hold the app icon until a menu pops up
    2. Select Widgets then tap and hold the widget.
    3. You’ll now be able to place in on your home screen.

    Manage your widget

    To manage your widget, you’ll need to remove it first before setting it up again with a different service.

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